Comprehensive Ranking
Comprehensive Ranking Name of University
Central University for Nationalities
Nanjing Inst of Chemical Technology
Anhui University
Chongqing Jianzhu University
Shijiazhuang Railway College
Shanghai University of Herbalist Medicine
Shanghai Tiedao University
Shantou University
Ningbo University
Nanjing Railway Medical Institute
Nanchang University
Jiangxi Medical Institute
Geography Dep of Jiangxi Normal University
Anhui Medical University
Zhejiang Univ of Technology
Nantong Medical College
Hebei Medical University
South West Normal University
Beijing Herbalist Medical University
Changchun Science & Technology University
Changchun Inst. of Posts and Telecommunications
Dalian Railway Institue
Northeast China Ins of Electric Power Engineering
Fuzhou University
Hubei University
Hubei Institute of Herbalist Medicine
East China Shipbuilding Institue
Taiyuan University of Science
Tianjin Teachers University
Zhejiang Institute of Herbalist Medicine
Northeast Agriculture University
Tianjin Medical University
China Institute of Civil Aviation
Teachers Coll of Yangzhou University
Wuhan Univ of Metallurgical Science and Technology
Wuhan Transportation University
Wenzhou Medical Institute

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