Comprehensive Ranking
Comprehensive Ranking Name of University
Xuzhou Medical Institute
Heilongjiang University
Zhengzhou University of Technology
Wuhan University of Automobile Industry
East China Inst Metallurgy
South China University of Agriculture
Jiangxi Institute of Herbalist Medicine
Liaoning University of Engineering Technology
Hunan Medical University
Xi'an Univ of Science and Technology
Xi'an Medical University
South-West Agricultural University
Yantai University
Chongqing Medical University
Beijing Light Industry College
Hangzhou Inst of Electronic Engineering
Harbin Univ of Science & Technology
Xianning Medical Institute
Wuxi University of Light Industry
Inner Mongolia University
Shenyang Polytechnic University
Shenyang Medicine University
Beijing Information Technology Institue
Changsha Medicine College
Hebei University
Chengdu Science College
Qingdao Inst of Chemical Technology
Shandong Institute of Mining and Technology
Shandong Normal University
Shanxi University
Shanxi Normal University
Shanghai Inst of Electric Power
Shanghai Institute of Ocean Transportation
Chengdu Herbalist Medicine University
Guangdong Foreign Language & Trade University

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