Comprehensive Ranking
Comprehensive Ranking Name of University
235 later
Sichuan University of Agriculture
Shanxi Agricultural University
Jiangnan Social Institute
Luoyang Inst of Technology
Nanjing Institute of Construction Engineering
Innner Mongolia University of Industry
Qingdao Construction Engineering Institute
Shandong College of Construction Meterial Industry
Shanxi Normal University
Shanghai Univ of Engineering Science
Jiamusi University
Shenyang University of Agriculture
Hua Qiao University
Sichuan Normal University
Tianjin Inst of Textile Science and Technology
Tianjin Inst of Science & Technology
Shenyang Inst of Chemical Technology
South Jiangxi College of Medicine
Wuhan College of Grocery Industry
Changsha Communication College
Changsha Railway College
Chengdu Inst of Meteorology
Dalian Light Industry College
Dalian Marine Lives College
Huaiyin Teachers College
Gansu Technology University
Jilin Agriculture University
Guangxi Medical University
Guangzhou Normal College
International Relations University
Central South Institute for Nationalities
Huaibei Corf Normal College
Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology
Jilin Construction Engineering College
Fuyang Normal College
Hebei Construnction Engineering Institute
North China Corf Medical Institute
China Politics & Law University
Hubei Automobile Industry College
China Youth Politics Institute
Henan Normal University
Hebei Education College
East China Geological Institute
Hebei Inst of Chemical Technology and Light Industry
Hubei Teachers College
Beijing Presswork College
Beijing Inst Mech
Beijing Second Foreign Language University
Baotou Medical College
Anqing Normal College
Anhui Agriculture University
Hebei Inst of Science and Technology
Anhui Electric and Machinery Engineering Inst
Central University of Finance & Economics
Chongqing Jiaotong Institue
Heilongjiang Mining Institue
Luzhou Medical Institute
East China Institute of Politics & Law
Northwestern Agric. University
Northwest Normal University
Zhenjiang Medical Institute
Southwest University of Politics & Law
Wuhan Institute of Weave Industry
Yunnan Normal University
Zhangjiakou Medical Institute
Zhejiang Normal University
Zhejiang Inst of Silk Textiles
Southwest Inst of Technology
Chongqing Normal Institue
Xi'an Mining Institute
Xi'an Petroleum Institue
Southwest University of Finance & Economics
Xinyang Teachers College
Xuzhou Teachers University
Yanbian University
Xi'an Institute of Industry
Jilin Professional Teachers College
Inner Mongolia Medical Institute
Zhuzhou Institute of Technology
Chongqing Institute of Industrial Management
China Institute of Finance
Zhejiang Institute of Boulevard
Tianjin Institute of Agriculture
Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Institue
Suzhou Railway Teachers College
Shenyang Institute of Aviation Industry
Shenyang Inst of Technology
Shanghai Foreign Trade College
Qiqihaer Medical Unversity
Anshan Inst of Iron and Steel Technology
Ningxia Medical Institute
Beijing Linguistics Culture University
Inner Mongolia College of Agriculture & Herd
Guilin Medical College
Guangxi College of Herbalist Medicine
Guangxi College for Nationalities
Guang Dong Inst of Technology
South Jiangxi Normal College
Fujian Mechical University
Northeast University of Finance & Economics
Chuanbei Medicine College
Beijing Construction Engineering College
Xi'an Institute of Engineering
Jindezhen Pottery College
Qiqihaer University
North China Water Conservancy & Power College
Tianjin Professional Technology Academy
Nantong College of Science
Nanchang Inst of Aeronautical Technology University
Liaoning University
Jiaozu Inst. of Technology
Huaihai Inst of Technology
Heilongjiang Bayi Peasantry University
Henan College of Herbalist Medicine
Henan Agriculture University
Bengbu Medical College
Anhui Construction Industry College
Wuhan Institute of Chemical Industry
Wuyi University
Beijing Broadcast College
Sichuan Teachers Institute
Northwest Institute of Weave Industry
Anhui Agricultural Technologies Normal College
Yancheng College of Engineering
Southwest College of Nationalities
Southwest Agriculture College
Hainan University
Fujian Herbalist Medicine College
Gansu Agriculture University
Guangdong College of Medicine
Guangdong Medical College
Guangxi Teachers University
Guangxi Teacher College
Tianjin Institute of Finance & Economics
Guilin Electronic Engineerging College
Zhongnan Forest College
Kunming Medical Institute
Inner Mongolia Institute of Boulevard
Ningxia University
Shanxi Herbalist Medical Institute
Sichuan Inst of Technology
Hefei Economics Technology Institute
Sichuan Institute of Foreign Language
Guangzhou Medical College
Huangshi Senior Technological Academy
Beijing United University
Beijing Institute of Agriculture
Beijing College of Commerce
Changchun Revenuer College
Dalian University
Dalian Medical Courses Unversity
Guilin College of Science
Fujian Agriculture University
Hebei Construction Sceince & Technology Institute
Agricultural University of Hebei
Henan College of Finance & Economics
Beijing Electron Science & Technologies College
Hubei Agriculture College
Central South Institute of Technology
Jimei University
Jining Medical Institute
Lanzhou Medical Institute
Mudanjiang Medical College
Nanjing Audit Institute
Yuzhou University
Zhejiang Institute of Finance & Economics
Zhengzhou Institute of Weave Industry
Zhengzhou Institute of Commissariat
Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry
Peoples Police Officer University of China
Northwest Construction Engineering College
Tianjin Institute of Foreign Language
Sichuan Institute of Pasturage & Veterinary
Sichuan Institute of Light Chemical Technology
Capital University of Economics and Trade
Xinjiang University
Shanxi Unversity of Finance & Economics
Shanxi Herbalist Medical Institute
Hangzhou Normal College
Hainan Normal College
Guizhou Inst of Technology
Guangxi Engineering College
Gansu Herbalist Medicine College
Fushun Senior Technological Academy
Changzhou Technologies Normal College
Shanghai College of Agriculture
South China Normal University
Central South Institute of Politics & Law
Heifei United University
Hangzhou Engineering Technology Application College
Hunan Institute of Finance & Economics
Huanggang Senior Teachers Professional School
Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics
Lishui Teachers Normal School
Nanjing Institute of Economics
Qinghai Teachers University
Shandong Institute of Finance
Chongqing Institute of Commerce
Zhongkai College of Agricultural Technology
Zunyi Medical Institute
Nanchang Teachers Institute of Professional Technology
Beijing Material College
Heilongjiang Herbalist Medical University
Ningxia Institute of Agriculture
Guizhou University
Guiyang Medical College
Fujian Boulevard College
Hebei University of Economics & Trade
Heilongjiang College of Commerce
Huainan Mining Institue
Jilin Teachers Institute
Inner Mongolia Normal University
Shanxi Institute of Finance & Economics
Xi'an Foreign Language University
Shanxi Institue of Science
Shaoxing College of Art & Science
Inner Mongolian Medical Institute
Anhui Finance & Trade College
Xiangtan Engineerging College
Shihezi University
Xinjiang Teachers University
Guizhou Teachers University
Yanbei Teachers Institute
Zhejiang Ocean Institute
Xiangtan University
Peoples Social Security University of China
Xiangfan College
Shenyang University
Northwest Institute of Politics & Law
Northwest Agriculture College
Tonghua Normal College
China Institute of Corf Economics
Shenyang Senior Professional School of Electric Power
China Institute of Civil Aviation Flight
Yan'an University
Sichuan Sanxia College
Teachers College of Shanxi University
Nationality Teacher's Coll of Inner Mongolia
Liaoning Senior Professional School of Commerce
Liaoning Senior Professional School of Lawman
Lanzhou Institute of Commerce
Liaoning Senior Professional School of Communication
Liaoning Senior Professional School of Finance
Xi'an College of Statistics
Gansu Institute of Politics & Law
Baoji Art & Science College
Zhengzhou Aeronautics Institue
Yunnan Institute for Nationalities
Yunnan Polytechnic University
Youjiang Medical Institute for Nationalities
Jianghan University
Yunnan University of Agriculture
Guangdong College of Commerce
Dalian College for Nationalities
Benxi Metallurgy Poly Technic
Guiyang College of Herbalist Medicine
Hebei Teachers College of Agrcultural Technology
Liaoning Xiongyue Senior Professional School of Agriculture
Inner Mongolia Institute of Finance & Economics
Yunnan Institute of Finance & Trade
Zhangzhou Normal Institute
Changchun Normal College
Hunan University of Agriculture
Hanzhong Normal College
Dandong Normal Senior School
Dali Medicine College
Hunan Normal University
Hengyang Medical College
Tieling Teachers Senior Professional School
Shanxi Institute of Economics & Trade
Zhanjiang Normal Institute
Guangdong Normal Professional Technologies College
Guizhou College of Finance & Economics
South China University of Tropic Agirculture
Chaoyang Normal Senior School
Yang'en University
Yingkou Senior Professional School
Zhanjiang Ocean University
Changzhou Industry Technologies College
Liaoning Teachers Senior Professional School
Fuxin Senior Professional College
Fushun City Senior Technological Academy
Guizhou Inst for Nationalities
Hanshan Normal College
Hunan College of Herbalist Medicine
Xinjiang Medical Institute
Qinghai University
Tieling Broadcast University
Xiangtan Normal College
Foshan Science & Technology College
Jishou University
Qinghai Medical Institute
Northwest College of Nationalities
Dandong Weave Senior School
Qinghai Institute for Nationalities
Fushun Normal Senior Technological Academy
Halimu Peasantry University
Second Northwest College for Nationalities
Wuhan Institute of Physical Education
Yili Teachers College
Shanghai Physical Education Institute
Beijing Physical Education University
Hunan Agricultural Technology College
Chengdu Physical Education College
Jinzhou Teachers Normal School
Shenyang Institute of Physical Education
Xinjiang Institute of Finance & Economics
Hunan College of Commerce
Xinjiang University of Agriculture
Xinjiang Institute of Engineering
Zhaoyang Teachers Senior Professional School
Kashi Teachers College
Guangzhou Physical Education College
Xi'an Physical Education College
Tianjin Institute of Art
Shanghai Institute of Music
Shandong Agricultural University
Shan Dong Polytechnical University
Shandong Herbalist Medical University
Shijiazhuang Senior Professional School of Postage
Henan Medical University
Yunnan Institute of Herbalist Medicine
Shandong Inst of Engineering
Shandong Construction Engineering Institute
Taishan Medical College
Qufu Normal University
Binzhou Medical College
Heilongjiang College of Herbalist Medicine
Liaoning Normal University
Shandong Institute of Light Industry
Liaochen Teachers College
Laiyang College of Agriculture
Jinzhou Normal College
Huainan College of Industry
Liaoning Engineering Technology University
Weifang Medical Institute
Shenyang Medical Institute
Shenyang Teachers Institute
South China Institute of Tropic Crops
Jinzhou Medical Institute
Liaoning Institute of Herbalist Medicine
Zhengzhou Senior Technological Academy
Wenzhou Normal College
Xinjiang Petroleum Institue
Xinjiang Institute of Herbalist Medicine
Xinxiang Medical Institute
Zhanjiang Institute of Marine Lives
Anshan Normal College
South China Construction Institute
North China Avian Engineering Institute
Ningxia Institute of Science
Hebei Teachers College of Agricultural Technology
Henan Professional Technology College of Teachers
Yan'an Medical Institute
Hainan Medical Institute
Changchun Univ of Earth Sciences
Guangzhou University
Hubei College of Art
Jian Teachers Normal School
Luoyang University
The Navigation Engineering College of Nanjing
Shandong Institute of Economics
Shanxi Inst of Economic Management
Taiyuan Senior Technological Academy of Electric Power
Zhongshan Institute
Zhejiang Institute of Marine Lives
Inst of Urban Construction
Beijing Meteorology College
Guangdong College for Nationalities
Shanxi Mining College

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